Solar Sails- Harnessing the Sun for Space Travel

Hi Folks! This week we have some exciting news regarding the topic of Solar Sails. What are solar sails you may ask? Solar sails have been around for a while now and was championed by noted astronomer, and cosmologist, Dr. Carl Sagan. The concept of the spacecraft is simple, light travels as molecules, called photons, and as they travel, and hit the solar sail, the momentum from the photon travels to the sails and causes it to move.

Bill Nye, Planetary Society CEO, explains the concept of Solar Sails.

The Planetary Society has been a big proponent of Solar Sails and tonight, the Planetary Society will be launching its second LightSail into orbit to test the concept of orbital changes with the solar sail spacecraft. If successful, the spacecraft could prove to be a cost effective concept for small businesses, universities, and citizen scientists, to launch technology into space for cosmic experiments.

Tonight, witness the LightSail 2 launch into space aboard the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

I hope everyone gets a chance to watch this launch and witness a major step forward in a potential cost effective system for man-made objects to travel amongst the stars.

One Reply to “Solar Sails- Harnessing the Sun for Space Travel”

  1. Great development of solar sails- could be a great option for cargo transport and non-occupied non time sensitive vehicles.


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