Science Legislation of the Week

This week in Science Policy, the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology will host a hearing on National Laboratories: World-Leading Innovation in Science. The hearing will host testimony from the following members:

March 14, 2018-10:00am

Witnesses to testify:

  • Dr. Mark Peters, Director at Idaho National Laboratory
  • Dr. Susan Seestrom, Advanced Science & Technology Associate Labs Director and Chief Research Officer at Sandia National Laboratory
  • Dr. Mary E. Maxon, Associate Laboratory Director at Biosciences of Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory
  • Dr. Chi-Chang Kao, Director of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center at National Accelerator Labratory
  • Dr. Paul Kearns, Director of Argonne National Laboratory

The hearing should prove some valuable insight into the National Laboratory System; as well as any updates on specific projects at the laboratories.

In addition, the House Science Committee will host a hearing on An Overview of the National Science Foundation Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2019.

March 15, 2018- 10:00am

Witnesses to testify:

  • Dr. France Cordova, Director of the National Science Foundation
  • Dr. Maria T. Zuber, Chair of the National Science Board

With the National Science Foundation set to receive a 29.5 percent cut, or $2.2 billion, that will drastically affect operations at the agency. The hearing will allow the NSF Director, and the Chair of the Science Board, to make a case for sustained funding at current levels.

At the end of the week, I will write up a summary report to highlight the major talking points on both hearings; as well as video highlights from the leaders of the national labs.

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