Utah Senate Race

This year, Utah will be seeking to elect a new Senator to represent them in Congress. With 2018 set to be a game changer for both political parties, Utah could be one of the major Senate seats to decide the fate of Congress for the first term of President Trump. However, unfortunately for President Trump, one of his biggest critics is mounting a bid for the seat. Former Governor, and Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney will decide today if he will be mounting a bid for the Senate seat. However, who will be some of Governor Romney’s competitors? This article will take a look at the candidates in the Utah Senate race.

Mitchell Vice

Mitchell Vice

Mitchell is running for office for the first time, touting his  ambition to not be a career politician. He believes that our trade deals such as NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China have been disastrous and require changes. Mitchell touts the ideals of Bernie Sanders and hopes to bring about drastic change in Washington.

Jenny Wilson

Jenny WIlson

Jenny currently serves as a Salt Lake City Council member where she was the first woman elected to the office in 2005. She has served in numerous political roles including Press Secretary, and Chief of Staff. Her past policy positions have focused on initiatives like ethics reform, government efficiency, criminal justice reform and open preservation. Jenny received her education in

John Dougall

John Dougall

John currently serves as the State Auditor of the state of Utah. Before holding office, he served 10 years in the State House, which included holding the position of Vice Chair of Executive Appropriations. Before public office, John worked in technology sector focusing on small start-ups.

With the both political parties set to put forward multiple candidates, the election could shape up to be an interesting turn of events. The seat has been safely Republican since 1977 when Senator Orrin Hatch originally won the seat. Be sure to stay tuned to Mitt Romeny’s announcement on the election!

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