PA 18th Congressional District

One of the more heated 2018 elections is the upcoming Congressional Seat, the PA 18th District, formerly held by Congressman Tim Murphy. Murphy, who held the seat up until this year, had resigned due to his extramarital affair that has left the seat vacant. The PA 18th Congressional District is situated south of Pittsburgh. During the 2016 election, President Donald Trump carried the district by 20 percentage points over his Democratic opponent, Secretary Hillary Clinton. Currently, the special election is set to be held on March 13. The two opponents in the race are Conor Lamb, Assistant District Attorney, and Rick Saccone, State Representative of the 39th district.

On Conor Lambthe Democratic ticket, Conor Lamb, a former Marine, and a former federal prosecutor seeks to upend the political landscape with this election. His current priorities for this election focuses on aspects such as:

  1. Tackling the Opioid Crisis
  2. Jobs & Infrastructure
  3. Affordable Healthcare
  4. Protecting Medicare & Social Security
  5. Releasing Students from Lifetime Debt Traps
  6. Unions
  7. Modern Energy Development

Rick Saccone

On the Republican ticket, Rick Saccone, a former Counter-Intelligence Air Force officer, Political Professor, and State Representative, is a political candidate who seeks to push the priorities of President Donald Trump. His current priorities for this election focuses on aspects such as:

  1. Lower Taxes
  2. More Jobs
  3. Government Reform
  4. Fixing Obamacare
  5. Immigration Reform
  6. Keep US Safe

What sets this election apart from other years is the increased level of enthusiasm from the Democratic party. Conor Lamb represents the first opportunity, in a long time, that Democrats in the 18th district have a fighting chance to win the seat. Following a recent poll, Conor Lamb is not only 3 points, 41-38, behind Rick Saccone in the election. What does that mean for the election? For one thing, Democrats have changed strategy to put forward candidates in districts that were once thought to be solid Republican. With the surprise victory of Doug Jones, in the Alabama Senate Special Election, it is clear that momentum is giving Democrats a chance to win in areas once thought impossible to win. Couple this with the fact that over 21 Republican House members have already announced that they are retiring at the end of this term.

What is certain in all of this, a lot of interest is going into the PA 18th District in the coming weeks. Both President Trump, and Vice President Pence, have scheduled to stop by in this district to bolster Republican efforts. In addition, a super PAC affiliated with Speaker Paul Ryan has pledged to hire 50 campaign workers to build a Get Out the Vote operation for Saccone. For those looking to see a possible upset, like the Alabama Senate seat, stay tuned to the PA 18th District.

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