The Manhattan Project

Before World War II, federal research science was non-existent in this country. However, due to rapid advancements from the Nazi regime, many scientists from Europe grew concerned about the potential destruction that could be unleashed upon the rest of the world. One of these notable scientists, who fled Europe, was Albert Einstein. Another major contributor … Continue reading The Manhattan Project

The Space Race

On July 20, 1969, man made history by taking the first steps on a celestial body different from our own planet. This moment was a crowning achievement for the United States space program, known as NASA. However, this moment was not possible without the sacrifice from those who lost their lives in the name of … Continue reading The Space Race


Elections are the very bedrock as to what defines a democracy. A chance for citizens to make a decision on who should represent them in making laws, confirming judges, and approving treaties among nations. Elections are won, and lost, based upon who votes for which candidate, and which political party, in a given election. Elected … Continue reading Gerrymandering

Nuclear Weapons: The Arms Race that Changed the World

In our quest for greater scientific achievements, we created a weapon so powerful that it could destroy mankind from the face of this planet. This is not a weapon that was grown in the lab, or designed to kill a few people, it was developed to demand unconditional surrender from the enemy. This weapon is … Continue reading Nuclear Weapons: The Arms Race that Changed the World

Utah Senate Race

This year, Utah will be seeking to elect a new Senator to represent them in Congress. With 2018 set to be a game changer for both political parties, Utah could be one of the major Senate seats to decide the fate of Congress for the first term of President Trump. However, unfortunately for President Trump, … Continue reading Utah Senate Race

The Human Genome Project

In 1953, Watson and Crick unveiled the secrets of DNA with their discovery of the double helix, a structure of two strands of genetic material wound together in a tight formation within our cells. DNA, the blueprint to what makes us, well us, was now a new chapter in the pursuit to unlock the secrets … Continue reading The Human Genome Project

PA 18th Congressional District

One of the more heated 2018 elections is the upcoming Congressional Seat, the PA 18th District, formerly held by Congressman Tim Murphy. Murphy, who held the seat up until this year, had resigned due to his extramarital affair that has left the seat vacant. The PA 18th Congressional District is situated south of Pittsburgh. During … Continue reading PA 18th Congressional District